Mediate before you decide to separate with marriage counseling


Mediation/ Conflict Resolution

 Life before and after separation can be confronting and confusing. But you have a choice about how you want to move forward. You don’t have to go to Court! There is a better way... Lets talk it through together.  

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Marriage Counselling

A NMAS nationally accredited Mediator will work with you to identify the issues, assess options and negotiate an agreement. Mediation is confidential and mediators do not take sides, they are there to be impartial. 

We conduct mediation at our premises in Barton.  You may choose for all parties to be in the one room. Or you may prefer a "shuttle"mediation, where the mediator moves between separate rooms. We will break for confidential individual sessions during our time together. 

In our experience, people need 2-3 joint mediation sessions to reach a final, comprehensive agreement. If you reach agreement, we can document agreement for signing.

  • Individual preparation meeting $550 incl GST per hour 
  • Mediation session 4hrs $1500
  • Documentation of agreement – quote will be provided
  • Initial introduction appointment $175 plus GST 

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